Mileage Master PC Version

Odometer correction using your laptop for most vehicle models up to 2006.

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Odometer correction using your laptop for most vehicle models up to 2006. Applicable to most vehicles up to 2006.

Applicable to most vehicles up to 2006. Automatically read out mileage and adjust directly at 
will, no need to calculate. Can be used as a programmer. Let you read, save, display, edit the 
memory . 

Applicable vehicles for Odometer correction 

gm opel volvo kia honda lexus toyota 

nissan mitsubishi mazda peugeot fiat benz bmw 

audi skado volkswagen ford daewoo hyundai ohter 


3Ser E36-SW22 CS56 E46 B58 

sw23 c46#1 dip sw23 c46#2 smd 

X5, 5/7Ser E32 / 34 Brown C46 SW15 CS56 

E32 / 34 Blue C56 97-98 CS56 

E34 Green 24C02 99 CS56 

sw05 / 07 cs56 sw13 / 17 cs66 

sw11 cs56 sw16 cs66 

sw12 cs56 sw9+10 cs56 

sw13 cs56 sw11 cs56 

sw14 cs56 sw12 cs56 

sw15 cs56 

Z3 Z3/Compact C46 (IC1 DIP) Z3/Compact C46 (IC2 SMD 

A2 Pre 2001 C86 Aft 2001 C86 

A3 pre 99 Sep C66 pre 2001 Jul C86 

aft 2001 Jul C86 Uknsi C56 

A4 VDO pre 97 Oct without MFA C46 

VDO pre 97 Oct with MFA C56 

Bosch pre 2001 Sep 24C08 

VDO 97-99 Ver1 C66 VDO 97-99 Ver2 C66 

VDO 99-2000 C86 Uknsi Ver1 C56 

Uknsi Ver2 C56 Uknsi 2EEPROM C56 

A6 VDO OLD C4 C46 VDO pre 99 Sep C66 

VDO aft 99 Sep C66 VDO 99-2001 C86 

Uknsi C56 

A8 pre 96 Oct C56 96 Oct to 99 Feb C66 

96 Oct to 99 Feb C66 99 Feb Ver2 24C17 

VW Altea 24C16 Arosa Trw 24C04 

Old Vdo 3.5-3.9 C46 Caddy 2005 24C16 

Phaeton 24C08 Caddy 2005 24C32 

Cordoba C86 Phaeton 2005 24C08 

Ibiza C86 Ibiza 24C04 

Touran 24C16 Touran 24LC32 

Inca Vdo 3.5-3.9 C46 Jetta C66 

Leon C86 Vento C46 

Old TRW CS46 Toledo C86 

Touareg V1 24C08 Bora C86 

Gol C46 C66 

05 24c04 95040 

Golf GOLF VDO Ver1 C46 GOLF3 MM C56 

golf3 mm c56 golf3 trw c46 

GOLF4 VDO Green C66 GOLF4 VDO Blue C66 

GOLF4 VDO Ver1 C86 GOLF4 MM Ver1 24C02 

GOLF4 MM Ver3 24C08 GOLF5 24C16 

Passat B3 VD202 C46 B3 VDO C56 

b3 mm c56 b4 c56 

B5 Blue C66 B5 Ver1 C86 

B6 C86 Passat B6 24C16 

Polo 24C02 TRW 24C04 

trw 24c08 vdo c86 

VOLVO 850 C46 Ver1 850 C56 

850 C46 Ver1 850 C56 

850 C46 Ver2 850 C46 Ver3 

960 c56 v70/970 c56 

S40-1.8/V40uknsi C56 S70-2.0/S70-2.5 C56 

opel vectra vdo c66 omega c06 

astra vdo c56 zafira vdo c56 

vectra vdo c46 frontera vdo c46 

astra trw 24c02 astra c56 

senator c06 astra c66 

vectra c46 

GM Buick 68343 Hummer 25020 

Buick ST14771 Sail 24C01A V1 

DEVILLE C56 Sail 24C01A V2 

kia equus c46 santa fe c46 

carnival ii c46 sorento c46 

HONDA Accord V1 C46 CRV L56R 

Accord V2 L56R S2000 C56 

Accord V3 L56R JAZZ L56R 

fit l56r shuttle c46 

fit c66 odyssby v1 c46 

stream l56r odyssby v2 l56r 

civic l56r legend c46 2ic 

hrv c46 city l56r 

lexus is200/300 s130 ls400 c46 

lx470 v1 c46 ls430 c46 

lx470 v2 c66 es300 c46 

ls400 97101 gs300 c46 

toyota camry c46 mr2 c46 

Corolla V1 C46 PICNIC C46 

Corolla V2 C56 PREMIO C66 

Corolla V3 C56 PRADO C46 

aristo c46 previa c46 

astime c46 rav4 c46 

avalon c46 terios c46 

AVENSIS C46 Hiace 

AVENSIS C56 Ipsum 

cellica c46 prado 2700 c56 

celsior 3.0 c46 prado 2700 c66 

crown c46 prado 3400 c56 

yaris c46 prado 3400 c66 

yaris tsport c46 prado 3400 s220 

echo c46 prado 4500 s220 

eipsun c56 prado 4700 c46 

harrier c46 prado 4700 c66 

hiace c56 prado 4700 s220 

ipsum c46 

NISSA Bluebird V1 C46 SKYLINE C56 

Bluebird V2 C56 SKYLINE C66 

Cefiro V1 C46 ¡ª2003 MICRA C46 

Cefiro V2 C56 2003¡ªMICRA C46 

sunny c56 ¡ª99 primera c46 

suv 4500 c56 primera c56 

suv 4800 c66 primera c66 

almera c46 tino c56 

almera c56 xtrail c56 

almera c66 350z(5y701) c66 

infinity c46 pickup c46 

maxima c46 pickup c56 

maxima c56 pathfinder c46 

maxima c66 pathfinder c56 

micra c66 patrol v1 c56 

navaro c46 patrol v2 c56 

Patrol V3 C66 

mitsubishi lancer s130 evo c56 

lancer c46 galant c46 

lancer c56 milvec c56 

pafero c56 outlander c56 

pafero 3.0 c56 pinin c46 

pafero io c46 shoqun v1 c56 

aistsek c56 shoqun v2 c56 

carisma uk c46 spacegear c46 

carisma c56 space mpv c46 

charisma c46 spacestar c46 

dion c56 spacewagon c46 

colt c46 0usa suv c46 

colt c56 

mazda 323 c46 v1 626 c56 v3 

323 c46 v2 626 yns c56 

323 c56 v1 c3 c56 

323 c56 v2 family c56 

323 c56 v3 m6 c56 

626 c46 max c46 

626 c56 v1 premacy c56 

626 c56 v2 xedos c46 

peugeot 306 v1 c56 406 bsi v1 c66 

306 v2 c56 406 bsi v2 c66 

sagem c46 406 c46 

406 vdo c66 

fiat tipo borg c46 bravo c56 

tipo borg c06 bravo ns cs56 

tipo veglia c06 daily vdo cs56 

tempra c46 marea c56 

veglia c06 uknsi c56 

brava c56 mulitipla#1 c56 

palio 95040 mulitipla#2 cs56 

BENZ C class V1 C56 S class B58 

C class V2 C56 C / S class 24C04 

C class V3 C66 C / E class C86 

S / E class C56 CLK C66. 

S / E class C66 SLK / CLK C56 

ML class C66 

skado octavia c66 octavia c86

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